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Embedded Linux Optimization

The Embedded Linux developers at RTETC have decades of experience in debugging, testing, profiling and performance optimization of Embedded Linux using Eclipse, Backend Debuggers, JTAG and In-Circuit Emulators as well as Kernel Logging capabilities and Kernel Hacking capabilities of Linux. Whether your  issues involve the Linux boot process, memory usage, I/O usage, CPU utilization or overall application performance, our engineers utilize key performance optimization tools such as LTT, oprofile, the perf tool, advanced cache usage and compiler-based optimization to get your application running as effectively as possible as soon as possible.

Embedded Linux Board Support Package (BSP) Development

The Embedded Linux developers at RTETC have decades of experience developing, deploying and benchmarking board support packages (BSPs) for a wide variety of operating systems including Embedded Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and TargetOS. Each year our experience grows to include even more operating systems and development environments.

Embedded Linux Device Driver Development

Sometimes all you really need is a single new piece of software to operate a new Embedded Linux device. The Embedded Linux developers at RTETC are also experienced device driver developers who can get your device up and running almost as soon as you can complete the physical hardware design and choose and operating system.

Embedded Linux Applications Development

In today's ever decreasing product development cycle, you simply may not have the time or the resources to develop the entire application yourself. The Embedded Linux developers at RTETC can help here as well. Whether it is developing a small or a large piece of the application, our developers can help you do what needs to be done to be successful regardless of which microprocessor or operating system you are using.

Real Time Consulting

Regardless of which Real-Time Operating System you may be using, RTETC can help. Our developers have decades of experience with Embedded Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and TargetOS. Our levels of expertise reduce development risk no matter what operating system is being targeted.


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