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Introducing Chutist, Our New Arcade-style game!

This year, RTETC launched our first arcade-style game for your favorite Android 4.x and higher phones and tablets. Chutist is for the quick of hand and eye who appreciate fun locations to visit, obstacles to avoid (or use to your advantage) as well as both safe and dangerous animals. Enjoy the scenery and the wildlife but don't get too distracted or you'll find yourself back at the beginning!


Visit the 1KQ  Chutist  page for more information about this exciting new arcade-style game from RTETC!


Introducing the 1KQ Family of Targeted Trivia Games!

Last year, leveraging our Android applications experience, RTETC launched a new family of Targeted Trivia games that run on your favority Android 4.x and higher devices. These Targeted Trivia games allow you, the user, to not only prove your expertise to yourself but to others as well!

With 4 distinct difficulty levels whether you are a Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman or Master, you can test and improve your knowledge in each subject area.


Each difficulty level comes complete with 4 separate categories providing the user with 16 total knowledge categories for each Targeted Trivia Subject. Want a quick laugh or just an easier way to find the answer? Then enable the Dumb Answers capability for even more game assistance and fun!


Our first entry in this exciting new series of games allows your inner Comic Book Geek to shine! Answer 1000 questions about Comics Books and prove your Comics Superiority now! Visit the 1KQ  Comics  page for more information.

Our next entry allows you to measure your own personal Animal magnetism! Answer 1000 questions about Animals and prove your Animal Superiority now! Visit the 1KQ  Animals  page for more information.

If you enjoy your Japanese Manga books and animation, you can also display your Manga knowledge to your friends! Answer 1000 questions about Manga and prove your Manga Superiority now! Visit the 1KQ  Manga  page for more information.


To purchase and download the new 1KQ Manga Targeted Trivia game visit Google Play and search for "1KQ".

To purchase and download Chutist, our new arcade-style game, visit Google Play and search for "Chutist".


Watch for more exciting 1KQ Targeted Trivia and arcade-style games coming at you soon from the developers at RTETC!


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Embedded System Diagnostics

In Embedded Systems development, there is often a need for diagnostic capabilities to be added to an Embedded System. The experienced developers at RTETC have an extensive library of reusable software diagnostic modules that can be delivered either as source-code or fully ported to the operating system and hardware platform of your choice. Whether it is for Power-On Built-In-Test (BIT), Background BIT, or as a suite of manufacturing diagnostics, RTETC can provide you with the diagnostics you need at a price you can afford.



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